Our Specialities:

  • Neuro-psychiatry
  • Sleep Therapy
  • Psychosomatic
  • Psycho-immunology
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Stress Management
  • Medication Management
  • Herbal and Other Alternatives
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Our Location:

707 Lake Cook Road,

Suite 118

Deerfield, IL 60015


Phone: (847) 984-6585

Fax: (847) 984-6586



 Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute (SBMI), located in Chicago's north suburb of Deerfield, is one of the Chicago's leading Neuro-Psychiatry and Sleep Centers devoted to research and application of the most advanced methods in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of sleep, alertness, mood, and performance in children and adults. The effectiveness of our approach comes from several factors: we not only view each case individually; we use a team approach including close communication with primary care phycisians, relevant specialists and our expertise to find the best way of treating the underlying problems. Here at SBMI we are applying an integrative approach to heal the whole organism by using advanced contemporary medicine as well as alternative (herbal and homeopathic remedies), advanced psychotherapeutic and medical hypnotherapy techniques. We are known to be succesful in achieving positive outcomes in most  cases of sleep, behavioral and emotional disorders, as well as learning disabilities, somatic and immune disorders.



Alexander Z. Golbin, MD, PhD

Dr. Alexander Z. Golbin is an internationally known pediatric and adult neuro-psychiatrist and sleep specialist. He has over 35 years of experience as a clinician, researcher, teacher and international lecturer. Dr. Golbin published 3 books and about 30 scientific articles and also had hundreds of public presentations.  His areas of special interest are sleep phenomena (Parasomnias), hypnotherapy and neuro-psycho-immunology.  (Read More...)

Sleep Medicine
Good health means sound sleep and high alertness. Problems with slep means problems with attention, concentration, unclear thinking, fatigue, and generally problems with health. Sleep is our "body-shop" where we restore and reprogram all our body functions. Please click read more to see disorders of sleep-wake in children and adults, their descriptions, and treatments.  (Read More...)


Neuro-psychiatry is the integration and synthesis of advances in both fields of diagnosing and treating dysfunctions in the central nervous system by restoring brain-body harmony, stabilizing function and increasing performance in children and adults. For disorders we treat, their descriptions and treatments, please click to read more. (Read More...)



Hypnosis is helping people get over fractures, burns migraines, asthma, fibroids, peptic ulcers, and skin disorders. The same techniques practiced by ancient Egyptians 2,000 years ago and “discovered” by Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer in the late 1700s are now scoring impressive results in medical (Read More...)

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