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Amazing Doctor

There is something to be said for intuition. From the moment I met Dr. Golbin, my gut told me to stop looking, “he’s brilliant – you found him”! His style is refreshing. He doesn’t look at me as if I was a scientific puzzle to solve. Rather, he recognizes my uniqueness at the human level and builds the partnership needed to both better diagnose my condition and to give more effective feedback to me. He is always very timely with appointments. I’ve never been rushed in any way. He will be the first to tell you that he is not a mixologist at a saloon. Prescribing the most effective solutions is paramount to him, he’s not one to “see what happens”. Dr. Golbin’s tremendously vast background, thoroughness and true care for his patients make it easy for me to highly recommend him.

Highland Park


I have been seeing Dr. Golbin for over a year now. I have never been under the care of a more diligent, conscientious and thoughtful Psychiatrist with such a tremendous treatment outcome. He has his own esoteric way of providing targeted treatment while including me in on the process in such a way that I can track my progress and be very enthusiastic about my next visit. He has a way of building my confidence about my progress while allowing me to participate in a way that truly defines a signature treatment that I have never received before. I always leave my sessions with a feeling of true accomplishment while experiencing growth with each and every session. There is a certain wisdom he has that delivers truly positive behavioral development that can be tracked and keeps me involved deeply with my treatment. The outcome can only be described as a manicured treatment specific to my own personality and builds in a truly positive manner which always leaves me with a deep feeling of personal growth.

Thanks Dr. Golbin!!!!!!

Gurnee, IL. 60031


If you are looking for a real cure, come a see Dr. Golbin. You will not regret it. This doctor is very passionate about finding the right treatment, has good bedside manners and a great sense of humor. He has been treating me for few years now and my anxiety level is at check, my depression is better, even considering the situation with COVID-19.
I am thankful to Dr. Golbin for his continuous support and exprtise.

Long Grove

Thank you Dr. Golbin!

Dr Alexander Golbin is honest, personable and straight forward doctor and person who, I believe, I owe my life to. I went to see him when I hit a wall in life, my head was “breaking” apart because of horrible migraines, lack of sleep was shacking my body to the point I could not hold a spoon of soup without spilling it! My thoughts were not mine anymore, my life was not mine anymore… An amount of pain medicine I used to take could probably kill a horse…
One day I just couldn’t take it anymore and set an appointment with Dr Golbin not really knowing what to expect. I picked him based on reviews that I read online, and I am really glad I did!! When I came to his office everyone there were nice to me! I never felt rushed. He addressed all my questions and concerns, did all needed tests and worked with me on finding the correct medication, and alternative ways to help myself. I could not have come this far without his help and his sense of humor. The level of knowledge he has is incredible!!
Sometimes the road to getting well is long and full of potholes, but it is much easier to reach the goal when you have a person you can trust indirectly holding your hand all the way to recovery. I would recommend Dr. Alexander Golbin to everyone who wants to get better, not just better, GET WELL! You don’t have to wait as long as I did!


Best Psychiatrist In The Northwest

Dr. Alexander Golbin MD, PHD is an incredible Doctor. He explains concepts in a way that is easily understood. He takes his time with you and gives you the one on one attention you want in a doctor. He has helped me and many other family members. I was so fortunate to find him years ago and am happy to say I will never leave. His staff is polite, courteous, and professional. They are accommodating to your schedule and needs. The office is easy to find, very clean and you never have to wait a long time to see him when you get there. Best Ever and highly recommend for all ages. His diagnosis’s have always been 100% when it came to me or my family. If your looking for a Doctor who will never judge you, look you in the eyes, good bedside manners, patient, kind, honest, open, accurate, knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to get along with, Dr. Alexander Golbin is the one you should see. If you ever see this Dr. Golbin, Thank you for always having my back and for bringing a smile toy face everytime I see you. Thank you for being you! 🙂

Vernon Hills

Incredible Doctor

Dr. Alexander Golbin MD, PHD is Sleep Medicine and Psychiatry doctor. He is an incredible Doctor. He explains concepts in a way that is easily understood. His staff is polite, courteous, and professional. They are accommodating to your schedule and needs. They are also extremely good at follow up and always have a smile on their faces

Deerfield, IL

Dr. Golbin and staff were outstanding

I was very nervous about visiting Dr. Goldin but was immediately put at ease. He and his staff were outstanding. I had a sleep study done, once again I was very nervous. His assistant was so very patient and kind and the overall experience was wonderful. I am so glad to have my CPAP machine. I would highly recommend Dr. Golbin

Deerfield, IL

Dr. Golbin is a caring and compassionate doctor

Dr. Golbin is the most caring, compassionate doctor I have ever seen. He always takes the time to listen and resolve problems. He never rushes and will always find solutions. His office staff is great. He and the staff are amazing advocates for their patients!!

Deerfield, IL

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