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Improve Your Sleep – Gain Control of Your Health

When I hear young mothers complain about their babies waking them up once or twice a night I cannot help but smile. When our daughter was that age, she would wake us up 16 to 24 times a night. Her paediatrician told me something “comforting” like, “All babies cry, you know. She’ll grow out of it.” And she did … by the age of 6, when my husband had already developed chronic insomnia and I was suffering from daily [...]


Sleep Problems May Cause Eye Disorders

On the first impression, sleep and sleep disorders may seem like they have nothing to do with eye disorders; however, the more we learn about sleep the more we discover surprising connections between sleep and different organs and systems and their disorders. For example, recent studies demonstrated a very close association between disorders of sleep and eye problems. During the night while asleep, the most important metabolic, hormonal and immune functions are running, programming and reprogramming. Disorders of these programs [...]