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Stress Management

Stress management is one of the most popular services that Chicago SBMI provides. From work-related stress to family issues, Dr. Golbin can help you identify the stressors in your life, and help you deal with them. Stress is a complicated psychological and physical issue that can cause a countless number of disorders if left untreated.

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Stress Management help at Chicago SBMI with Dr. GolbinWe all are under stress. Stress factors are all around us and inside of us. Life is not fair and it is our job and skills to offset stress.  Some stress factors we could ignore, but it might accumulate and hit us later We could temporary forget about stress but stress might not forget about us. So many people are very successful in all aspects of life but… at the expense of health. It is a common knowledge that if you control your stress reaction – you control your health. Surprisingly not too many people even among so-called professionals know much about biology and physiology of stress in general and your own physiological response to stress in particular. There are a lot of new information in science about stress that change our concepts about “stress” and, most importantly,  and how to keep the stress “at bay” and how to deal with it when it strikes you.

There are thousands of books and manuals written by social workers, therapists, psychologists and physicians on how to fight stress cognitively and behaviorally. But it is not simple.  If you are, for example, having a problem at work with a job or a boss and solved that problem- you think that you are a great problem solver and stress is off. If you behave calmly and do not display your frustration, insult and anger you think that you hold your stress well. The real problem  however, is that you heart and your adrenalin system does not know it yet and reacts in full speed.  You could rationalize your “rights” decide do not react but when you fantasize  about  how would you be responding smarter your body reacts again and again with a full “flight or fight” responses to the point of catastrophic thinking and adrenalin spike.

Real stress management is when you are able to calm down your body not just your mind. How to do it is a real challenge. Based on many years of experience in sport medicine, studying  military techniques including teachings from those heroes who worked as  “undercovers”   In our Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute we are developing  Professional Stress Management for busy professionals who do not have much time for meditation and yoga to offset stresses of life without burning your heart and immune system.  It is include  deep knowledge of your own stress “buttons”, your own resistance  and week points, self hypnosis skils and other traditional and alternative methods of self control.