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Medication Management

Medication management and medication abuse can be serious issues for your long-term health. At Chicago SBMI, Dr. Golbin and staff focus on finding the right treatment for your condition and assuring that any medications prescribed are in line with your personality, history and health.

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Medication management at Chicago SBMI with Dr. GolbinAs we all know, medications have side effects. Media exaggerates it hundred times as it does for every aspect of our life. Physicians nowadays spend more time to educate the patient on what is real about the particular drug that he/she don’t have the “real time for the real treatment”.

There are several important points every person who is taking medications should know.

  1. The science of philosophy of treatment with any medications called “pharmacognosy” (not pharmacology, as many believe. Pharmacology is a study of how specific medications should be made, their chemical and biological effects).
  2. The main principle of Pharmacognosy is a symbol of medicine – Snake around a Glass (not around a stick). This symbol means: any poison is medicine, any medicine is poison”. To translate it into simple terms – any medications if its helpful should have side effects under some conditions. Any poison, like snake’s poison, under some condition could be medicine. In fact in old time healers specifically looked for poisons and tried to make medications from them.
  3. This principle is fully applied to any herbal or any other alternative “healthy” methods. It is important to notice that all doctors now are studying the side effects of herbal remedy that in in some cases might be fatal, especially in combinations with some medications.   The role of a doctor (or healer) to know when, where, how much and for how long apply any treatment modality, does it matter if we are talking about fancy medication or an old folk’s herbal remedy.
  4. It is also important to understand that information is not education. When you read about medication on internet you should know how to interpret it to you case. Compare it with some important business contract written by an attorney of other side. The information is there in full but you don’t know the meaning and implications of what is written and, hopefully, you will now sign this contract without asking for an interpretation by your attorney.
  5. Pharmaceutical companies when writing about medications are using a different from a common sense logic. You are expecting that the best effects of medications will emphasize first and side effects will hided somewhere with a small type.  In reality things the other way around. You could not sue a company if you have side effects that are mentions in a label. (the company would say: “see, we told you so. That is your and your doctor decision to use it or not”. But if you got symptoms that not in a label they are in trouble. That is why pharm industry is trying to put  as many a possible side effects to avoid liability.
  6. Also, similarly important to know that all side effects are written for the highest dosage of the particular medication for a very specific indication, main for this particular drug.
  7. In our Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute we are extremely careful in prescribing of safe doses of all medications with specific regimen and duration of taking this medication and ways to safely stop it