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Chicago Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute is the best place for hypnotherapy in the northwest suburbs and the Chicagoland area. Dr. Alexander Golbin is a board certified and awarded hypnotherapist with decades of experience. Chicago SBMI and Dr. Golbin have worked with a wide range of patients from children to adults, offering hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a treatment for addiction, anxiety and stress relief.

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HYPNOSIS is a specific but normal psychophysiological state in which unique positive changes could be made for health, business and sports performance as well as personal achievements.

We have a solid scientific basis to explain all phenomena of hypnosis, developed most comfortable and optimal ways of inducing hypnotic state and perform hypnotherapy for pain, bad habit, sleep problems. Hypnotherapy is an important part of the treatment of post-traumatic, post-stroke or post-heart attacks conditions, immunologic disorders and even cancer.

We are using hypnosis and teaching self-hypnosis for stress management, enhancing academic, sport and business performance and for personal improvement.  Objective scientific data are analyzed for an evaluation of treatment or training results.

HYPNOSIS has been regarded as a unique psychophysiological state in which the most significant healing changes in the body, corrections of the maladaptive habits and functions. Hypnosis is also one of the most effective methods to accomplish superior personal intellectual, emotional and athletic goals.

HYPNOTHERAPY, integrating thousand old techniques with state-of-the-art brain science, is now being accepted as one the safest and effective pain techniques not only from a small peripheral pain but as a solo anesthesia for major operations. It helps when any other methods fail – like in untreatable skin, autoimmune and oncological diseases.

HYPNO-TRAINING  became a necessary technique for major elite athletes in many sports where performance is complicated and potentially traumatic: martial arts, downhill skiing, freestyle skiing, ice skating, gymnastics, football, hockey and many others.

HYPNOTIC PHENOMENA are normal and frequently is seen in social events for healing and entertainment purposes and they are known since the beginning of civilization.

HISTORY of HYPNOSIS is very dramatic and reflects the best and the worst of interrelations and collisions between science, religions, cultural beliefs, miracles and confusions, idealizations, and rejections.