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Health Specialists

At SBMI we offer a wide array of services, treatments and diagnostic tools to help our patients.


Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute of Chicago is one of the most recommended treatment centers for neuropsychological disorders, thanks in part to Dr. Alexander Golbin, the resident neuropsychologist. With decades of experience, Dr. Golbin is one the foremost experts in the field of neuropsychology.

Sleep Therapy

Chicago SBMI offers the best Sleep Therapy treatment in the Chicago North and Northwest Suburbs. We offer treatment for a variety of conditions from loud snoring to sleep apnea. Dr. Golbin and his experienced team are leading the field in Sleep Therapy and Sleep Study, from diagnosis to treatment and long-term therapy.


Chicago Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute is the best place for hypnotherapy in the northwest suburbs and the Chicagoland area. Dr. Alexander Golbin is a board certified and awarded hypnotherapist with decades of experience. Chicago SBMI and Dr. Golbin have worked with a wide range of patients from children to adults, offering hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a treatment for addiction, anxiety and stress relief.

Stress Management

Stress management is one of the most popular services that Chicago SBMI provides. From work-related stress to family issues, Dr. Golbin can help you identify the stressors in your life, and help you deal with them. Stress is a complicated psychological and physical issue that can cause a countless number of disorders if left untreated.

Medication Management

Medication management and medication abuse can be serious issues for your long-term health. At Chicago SBMI, Dr. Golbin and staff focus on finding the right treatment for your condition and assuring that any medications prescribed are in line with your personality, history and health.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine has been a large focus for treatments at Chicago SBMI. With proven results and a wide range of applications, these noninvasive procedures have allowed us to treat complicated conditions with fairly simple,  and highly approachable methods. From herbal medicine to commonly used acupuncture, there is an abundance of alternative medicine for many types of conditions.