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Financial Policy

Below is our full financial policy and disclaimer. Please review it prior to your initial visit.

  • The Patient/Guardian is fully responsible for the payment if the insurance company does not cover services.
  • The Patient/Guardian is responsible for the full payment of his/her deductible and the co-pay (in- or out-of-network).
  • The discounted initial office visit fee for a patient without insurance is $250.00 and for follow-up visit $200.00.
  • For Out of Network Insurances, the patient has the option to pay out of pocket for the services provided and personally bill their insurance with an invoice provided by our office.
  • If the patient does not pay their bills on time, the credit card on file will be charged. Also, the credit card on file will be charged (your outstanding balance) after one month from sending a final notice unless prior arrangements are made with the billing department.
  • We require prepayment for case management services and reports to other institutions:
    • Report to third party (per 15 minutes) – $50.00
    • Legal Documents Preparation (per hour) – $260.00
    • Depositions (1st hour) – $350.00 (each additional hour – $300.00)
  • Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute (SBMI) reserves the right to charge a $150.00 fee for the cancellation of office visit appointment without a prior 24 hours notification. Please be advised that this fee is the patient’s responsibility only and will not be charged to your insurance company. These fees are combined with a policy of discharging patients after three no-shows.
  • Prescriptions requested outside the office visit will be subject to a $25.00 fee.
  • Prior authorization requests for medications are subject to a $25.00 fee.

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