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Chicago Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute (SBMI)

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The Chicago’s Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute (SBMI)  just celebrated its 25th year Anniversary. Dr. Alexander Golbin, MD, PhD, internationally known practical physician, neuropsychiatrist, researcher and lecturer, is the founder and Medical Director of SBMI. Since its inception, Chicago Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute (SBMI) was devoted and has helped thousands of patients of all ages suffering from emotional, sleep, behavior and psychosomatic disorders, trained many polysomnography (sleep) technicians in our Accredited School for Sleep Technicians. Under the leadership of Dr. A. Golbin, the Chicago SBMI became a site for training psychology students and an accredited Research Site for pharmaceutical research. (You can read more about Dr. Alexander Golbin here).

The direct and associate staff of SBMI includes prominent physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and medical technologists operating a top in the field neurophysiological diagnostic and treatment equipment.  Most importantly, SBMI focused on creating a warm and caring atmosphere in the clinics and in trusting doctor-patient relationships.

Under the leadership of Dr. Alexander Golbin, we developed comprehensive treatments, education and research in the field of sleep, emotional, behavior and sleep disorders in children and adults. (You can take a look at a complete list of disorders that we treat here). Among other disorders our Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute is especially focused on the comprehensive diagnosis  and treatment of the following:

Insomnia, Loud snoring, sleep apnea, Terrible dreams, acting out of dreams, Restless Leg Syndrome, Night time emotional and behavior and somatic problems (parasomnias), violence, pain and heart arrhythmias sleep related.

Excessive daytime sleepiness, narcolepsy, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, ADHD and ADD, and other bad habits.

Mood swings, depression, grief, emotional stress-related disorders, anger and other psychiatric issues, OCD. We treat children with autistic spectrum disorders. We also specialize in correction of issues related to low self-esteem and social skills.

Asthma, heart arrhythmias, abdominal pain, fibromyalgia, mild blood pressure swings, tachycardia, metabolic disorders, and other.

Cad habits, self-destructive behavior, aggressive outbursts, eating disorders.

Caused by emotional PTSD to consequences of the post-stroke or post-traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Treatment Methods

Our treatment methods include not only traditional safe medication management but also a  wide range of accepted alternative treatments like:

  • Comprehensive Cognitive Behavior (CBT) in individual and family psychotherapy.
  • CPAP and other devices for therapy of sleep apnea syndrome.
  • Medical hypnotherapy for pain and psychosomatic symptoms.
  • SPG block procedure for significant headaches.
  • In certain cases, we provide remote phone and video sessions for individual patients as follow-up sessions.
  • Art and meditation therapy.
  • Life and stress coaching (Emotional karate).

Diagnostic Procedures

In our facility we offer a wide range of diagnostic procedures including but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive clinical psychological evaluation by a psychologist PsyD on staff.
  • Comprehensive NEURO- psychological evaluation by our Neuro-psychologist on staff.
  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation by a board-certified psychiatrist on staff.
  • Comprehensive neuro-physiological evaluation using a full montage (EEG-encephalogram).
  • Comprehensive night sleep evaluation using polysomnography (PSG).
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the severity and type of excessive daytime sleepiness and ability to drive (MSLT).

In addition to the individualized treatment of specific disorders, we pay attention to psychological aspects of all elements of the patients’ life including intra-family relationships, marriage and intergenerational conflicts.  We developed a system of professional stress management and emotional problems resolutions.

"Health is the most important thing you have in life!"

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