Why do snipers keep their mouth open before shooting?

Why do snipers keep their mouth open before shooting?

To achieve the highest level of athletic performance the athlete often should be in a sort of trance what people called “to be in a zone”, “runners high”, “the second wind effect”, “twilight state”, etc. In short, to be in some sort of altered alertness or/and altered sleep.

As an example,  in a field of sharpshooting, both in sport and among snipers there is a strange recommendation to keep their mouth open when they about to shoot. Why?  High-rank officers and snipers themselves Sean Satterlee (Data Protection Officer at SaaS AI) and Ron Mueller (Infantryman 11 Bravo) and presently Fire Fighter) explain.

The shooters mouth should be open because it should be completely relaxed. The current school of thought among the best snipers states that you should be in a position of almost going to sleep before you break a shot.

If a mouth or jaw is closed or clenched, that translates to sympathetic movement, make muscles tense and your mind worry. This translates to feet and causes “misses” when you stretch that out to 800 yards + (the normal effective range of a standard DM or “sniper”)

Relaxing your body is the key element here. Mouth closed or open, all elements must remain the same – fully relaxed. After the very conscious and mind- sharp preparation, getting into position and concentrate on the target, you should let yourself so relaxed almost get into a hypnotic trance, get all worries and thoughts about  the importance of winning or punishment for loosing, about family and the world, about yourself.. about the whole world.  At that time your conscious brain is your enemy. Your eyes, hands, and body take charge and do shot for you.

Sleep and sleep like states are million times older of the conscious mind and wiser the same amount of time.

Originally Posted by Sean Satterlee on Quora.

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