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  • Hypnotherapy
  • Stress Management
  • Medication Management
  • Herbal and Other Alternatives
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Testimonials and Reviews


I found Dr. Golbin to be extraordinarily competent and very personable. I find him to be an exceptional physician. After a sleep study I was found to suffer from Sleep Apnea Syndrome. It was now time for a sleep over using a CPAP machine. At this point I would like to note Mila Martinenko Dr. Golbin's sleep technician. She explained that this was the most important part of the study to choose a mask and see if the CPAP machine helps. She carefully attached all the leads necessary for the test and monitored my breathing, oxygen level and sleep all night. At one time she increased the air pressure woke me up and suggested a more comfortable mask. I was able to go right back to sleep. In the morning she carefully removed the leads. I can't say enough about Mila she was wonderful and is a great asset to Dr. Golbin's practice. Thanks Mila!

Jamy Kilmnick


My daughter had a difficult diagnosis and was experience negative side effects from the medication prescribed by her previous psychiatrist. After interviewing her, he was able to prescribe a different medication with immediate positive effects. I was initially reluctant for my daughter to undergo the additional testing he recommended. He continued to treat and medicate her based on his sessions with her. We did ultimately undergo the additional testing and regret waiting so long! The personality assessment and corresponding diagnosis were extremely accurate. After the sleep study, he was able to explain to me exactly how and when her ADD were affecting her! He continues to "coach" her and often recommends supplements or activities that will complement her medication and therapy. He is truly an amazing, brilliant, compassionate, wonderful doctor!

Cheri G.

Love this Doctor

I love this doctor, he has been more than helpful with all of my sleep and other issues. He treated my apnea and now I feel and look much healthier. The staff is excellent.

Brandon S.

Amazing Doctor

Our children have been seeing Dr. Goblin for 2 years now. He is very caring and compassionate. Dr. Goblin takes the time to address your concerns and answers any questions you may have in terms you can understand. The atmosphere in the office is very welcoming. We are always greeted with a smile. His treatment methods have helped our children's performance in school and the home improve without question. I have and will continue to highly recommend anyone I come in contact with who needs help according to his expertise.


Professional and knowledgeable physician

Dr. Golbin is a highly professional and  knowledgeable physician who is also caring and compassionate, and always attentive to his patient's needs. He takes good care of his office and trains his staff very well.I have been his patient for over 20 years and always trust his opinion.. I have recommended him to many of my friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Julie H.

Sleep Study

I had an overnight sleep study performed in the office. The night’s stay was comfortable, and felt at home. I was treated in a highly professional manner. The doctor's demeanor made me feel that the doctor truly cares and is concerned about his patients, and wishes to help the patient. It is rare to find a doctor that is concerned about his patients and is highly attentive. I felt conformable and confident being seen by the doctor.

Inna K.

Great Doctor!

Dr. Golbin is an extraordinary doctor. Rather than focusing strictly on emotional symptoms as would a typical psychiatrist, Dr. Golbin prefers a holistic approach. He takes into consideration all aspects of your anatomy and lifestyle and how they can have an impact upon you psyche. He has opened my eyes to many ways that I can improve my life through altering my perspectives. He is truly brilliant.

Mary S.

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